What You'll Learn in this Course

Behaviors that recur again and again are known as patterns.

One way to catch a pattern is to identify when you feel out of sorts. For example, do you recognize when you're being problematic? If you can identify and name the pattern, then you are no longer blind to your faults. Confronting negative behaviors may not make you feel better in the beginning, but it's a necessary step for making positive change. 

This course will show you how to unlearn negative patterns so you can work to respond rather than react to your surroundings.

Personal Awareness

Many of us are all carrying something in our present lives that should have been left in the past. By learning to recognize past hurts, we can gain a better understanding of our reactions to others.


We don't get to forgiveness in the snap of a finger. It's hard work and it often happens in stages. Forgiveness does not imply that we are letting someone off the hook for hurting us. Forgiveness is simply a part of the healing process.

Mindfulness Techniques

This course works to answer the basic questions: what exactly is mindfulness? And how does it actually work?

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